Planning, it is intense…

So reflecting on things I have read on various blogs, wedding websites etc…

Small weddings are much easier to plan for.  FALSE!

Destination weddings are less costly than traditional weddings. FALSE!

I would say that our wedding by most standards is small, we plan on inviting a total of 35 people and of those I figure maybe 20 will be able to come since we have chosen to go to Hawaii.

So I have found that small weddings make it more challenging with ordering invitations. Most places requires a minimum purchase of at least 25 and anything less than that you have to pay a small print fee. In case you were wondering I need exactly 21 invites to mail out. Oh venues …ugh I will probably have to make a separate post about that little rabbit hole I have been sucked into.

I will admit in regards to theme I am struggling, which is bleeding over into my lack of decision on types of Save The Dates and invitations, which let us be fair I need to get out like last week. I keep vacillating between vintage, elegant and classy or a casual beach-y theme.  And even though we are getting married on a beach, I DO NOT WANT STARFISH, seriously look for beach theme invitations and that is all there is. Oh and forget actually finding the colors that I actually want ( I made an edit to a previous post, we are going with coral and yellow) but most sites we have looked at, including Etsy, have like mustard and mango as my choice, /sigh.  If you have ever met us you know this is not our first trip down the isle, but this is our last time we doing this and I have a serious desire to have this be a reflection of us and as perfect as I can manage within our budget.

So right now on my lunch I am looking a invites and I am thinking that throwing my self down the back stairs of my office building seems more appealing, just kidding, well sort of. I will say this, if you get a yellow post-it with a date and time it will just be because we decided to be “casual” and “design our own” invitations and maybe we will even send you a beer koozie. 🙂

Oh I will be posting our engagement photos this weekend on here as well. Oh yes and here is a new island picture to get ya in the mood.

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